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Trinidad featured in Outlook Magazine

Published: Aug 23, 2023

Despite being located just 20 miles by sea from Tobago, the sister island of Trinidad is anything but an identical twin. Geographically, Trinidad is actually closer to Venezuela
and exudes an unmistakably South American flair, a distinct departure from the African feel of its Caribbean sibling.

This equally extends from the first Spanish settlers that came to Trinidad in the 16th century, whose influences are reflected to this day in the island’s road signs, architecture, and even the coastal capital city, Port of Spain. Adorned by the vast green expanse of uptown Queen’s Park Savannah and a host of fabulous fretworked buildings, Port of Spain is your ideal location for food, fun and festivals, located in the northwest of the island.

This savvy metropolitan verve occupies a crucial place in the national psyche as the crucible of the country’s rich cultural life and home of the world-famous Carnival, where high-energy parties and premier cultural competitions start just after Christmas and run all the way until Ash Wednesday. From its diverse people and culture to its amazing
personality, Trinidad breaks the mold of the typical Caribbean destination and boasts a year-long calendar of cultural events and festivals. Complemented by the island’s effervescent and energetic nightlife, with a multitude of roadside food and drink vendors, bars, nightclubs, lounges and VIP clubs, it’s clear that Trinidadians take entertainment seriously.

Just as lively is the ambiance of trade provided by a visit to the island’s inner-city markets, where an abundance of fresh vegetables, fruit, meat and fish awaits. The unique artisans of Trinidad also invite discovery, including the locally produced haberdashery and handmade crafts on offer at the San Antonio Green Market, another popular spot nestled in the Santa Cruz Valley. An island brimming with endless possibility, where will Trinidad take you?

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