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Facilitating two-way traffic, and elevating the overall tourism experience

Published: Sep 20, 2023

We are happy to welcome a special delegation from the Curaçao Tourist Board, led by Elaine Francisca, Regional Sales Manager, who arrived in Trinidad on Caribbean Airlines!

She is joined by Tourism stakeholders from various hotels and tour operators and the delegation will conduct Sales calls, sales presentations, and co- host a travel trade reception.

In welcoming them to our country we are happy to say that this isn’t just about hospitality; it’s about forging connections and unlocking new opportunities for our country.

When regional tourism boards like Curaçao come knocking on our doors, it’s a golden opportunity for us to strengthen ties, facilitate two-way traffic, and elevate the overall tourism experience.

We’re not just neighbours; we’re Caribbean partners. Collaborations like these reinforce our regional unity and showcase the incredible diversity of our nations. Working together to improve routes and travel options means it’s easier for travellers from both sides to explore new horizons. It’s not just about getting from A to B; it’s about crafting a seamless travel experience.

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