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Published: Aug 23, 2023

Port of Spain, August 18, 2023 – Tourism Trinidad proudly endorses the initiative of The Musical Instruments of Trinidad and Tobago Company Limited (MITTCO), as they embark on an exciting journey to Belize from August 21 to 26, 2023. MITTCO, a pioneer in promoting and preserving the cultural heritage of Trinidad and Tobago through its musical instruments, will be hosted by His Excellency Lynn Raymond Young, Ambassador of Belize to the United States of America, and Permanent Representative to the Organization at Government of Belize, to conduct steelpan training workshops and engage in collaborative musical events.

The week-long event will be marked by a series of activities aimed at fostering a deeper appreciation for the rich cultural traditions of steelpan music. Junior Frankyln, Tuner, MITTCO, alongside Professor Liam Teague from Northern Illinois University, will partner with local institutions in Belize to conduct workshops in steelpan tuning, maintenance, performance, and rehearsal techniques. These workshops will offer participants an invaluable opportunity to learn from the best in the field and contribute to the global propagation of steelpan music.

Highlighting the collaboration, Tourism Trinidad CEO Carla Cupid stated, “It is a natural progression to support MITTCO in their endeavours to spread the beauty of our cultural heritage to Belize. This initiative not only showcases our vibrant steelpan music but also promotes cross-cultural exchange and artistic collaboration. Such initiatives align perfectly with our commitment to showcasing the cultural brew of our Always In Season brand to the world.”

The activities will culminate in a concert on August 25th by a Belizean Steelband, conducted by Carlos Perrote, featuring the distinguished Professor Liam Teague, Akua Leith, Director – Sales and Business Development, MITTCO and Ambassador Young. This concert promises to be a harmonious celebration of the cultural ties between our country and Belize.

During their visit, MITTCO will also engage in meetings with potential sponsors interested in contributing to the “Pan in School” initiative. This initiative aims to introduce steelpan music to educational institutions, fostering the growth of future generations of talented musicians.

Akua Leith, Director – Sales and Business Development, MITTCO, expressed his enthusiasm, “Belize is no stranger to the steelpan instrument, with its first Steelband being formed in 1969. We are excited about our opportunity to continue the passion for steelpan music with the people of Belize. This venture not only strengthens the bonds between our nations, but also contributes towards the global recognition of steelpan music as an artform of unparalleled beauty and significance.”

The timing of this event couldn’t be more fitting, as it coincides with Steelpan Month, a time dedicated to celebrating the legacy and impact of steelpan music on Trinidad and Tobago’s cultural identity. Additionally, it follows the United Nations’ declaration of World Steelpan Day on August 11—the same day as MITTCO’s first anniversary.

Tourism Trinidad encourages everyone to join in the local festivities and embrace the universal language of music, as MITTCO and Belize collaborate to create a harmonious bridge between cultures through the enchanting notes of the steelpan.



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