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Tourism Trinidad packaging year round festivals

Published: Nov 20, 2023

Tourism Trinidad is proud to announce a dynamic and exciting line-up of festivals, starting with a highly anticipated Festive Season Festival in 2023. These festivities are designed to extend Trinidad’s vibrant culture and attractions beyond our world-renowned Carnival period.

With the introduction of the Festive Season, Tourism Trinidad aims to create year-round opportunities for visitors to immerse themselves in our rich heritage and unique experiences.

On Friday 17th November, there was the launch of the Lights of Trinidad – Festive Season. This festival is intended to be a true celebration of our warmth, creativity, and unity. Taking place in the months of November and December, this festival will feature a colourful array of events, showcasing our diverse culture and traditions. Visitors and locals alike will have the chance to immerse themselves in a blend of music, dance, art, and culinary delights, making it an unforgettable experience.

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